A Micro wedding is a small, intimate wedding that focuses on the two individuals who are getting married: the bride and groom. Micro weddings generally involve up to a maximum of around 20 guests, with a select few close friends also invited. This kind of wedding usually takes place at a beach, and the venue can be private or public – it’s completely up to you as to how casual or formal your wedding will be. One way to make the experience more relaxed is to have your wedding in Florida, as Florida offers many great beaches for such events.

When planning a micro wedding in Florida, you’ll want to keep things simple. The smaller your party, the less things you’ll need to pack in – the focus should be on having fun and enjoying the day, not making a fashion statement or trying to impress your guests with a huge guest list. As opposed to other types of weddings, where couples are forced to plan large events, often with many vendors and a huge budget, a micro wedding allows couples to save both time and money – as opposed to planning a big event which could take up months to organise. As a result, many couples choose to have a micro wedding in Florida, as they know that they’ll have the space and flexibility to plan the special day without being overwhelmed by the task.

There are a number of options available when considering where to hold your Micro wedding in Florida.  We have a variety of packages available which include music, photography, mini-reception on the beach, and so on. Our packages are especially popular because they offer a relaxed, laid back experience where your guests are given a chance to relax and enjoy a Florida beach wedding.

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