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 Miami and Fort Lauderdale Locations

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Ft.Lauderdale location

Hollywood Beach

El Prado Beach Park


Pompano Beach

Miami Beach Locations

Miami Mid-Beach – Any Beach From 22nd to 45th Street – 36th Street Park –Indian Beach Park 46th Street 

These are all lovely beaches and lots of hotels to stay in. Requires permit – $125. $100 surcharge for weekends here.

North Miami Beach 48th Street to 87th Terrace.

Quiet part of Miami Beach – but the beach is not as wide/deep. Requires permit – $125. $100 surcharge for weekends here.

Allison Park – Parking!
North Beach Open Space Park – Parking!

Hollywood Beach – Greene Street

Now we’re talking. Only locals know about this beach. Highly recommend this beach!  As secluded as you will get in South Florida! Paid Parking. 

Fort Lauderdale

Our secret beach – email for details

Lauderdale by the Sea

We use El Prado Park – Lovely beach, paid parking, no permit.

Pompano Beach – HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Locals beach! North Beach Park – 16th Street – nice view of the Hillsboro lighthouse in background. Not a lot of parking, so plan on taxi/uber/carpool. Parking is paid. 

Delray Beach beautiful quiet wide beach Atlantic Avenue. After 5 PM only. Paid street and public parking lots. Great hotels and restaurants. An Ideal I Do’s Favorite!

Atlantic Dunes Park

Strictly locals! Paid parking across the street. Very quiet and secluded. Highly Recommend!!!

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