Beautiful brides on the white sands of beautiful beaches will always look lovely in their stunning wedding hair styles. A simple up-do will never be enough to complement that perfect hairstyle. When planning a wedding, one should not forget to consider the dress, make up, and accessories. Brides who don’t have access to a great hairdresser can opt for a professional salon. If you feel you cannot afford to pay for a hairdresser, there are many different hair styling products that you can purchase at your local drug store or beauty supply store.

One of the most popular and classic hairstyle for a bride on a windy day is the French twist. A low bun with a feather trim at the back is perfect for a windy beach wedding. If you are having your hair done up-do, make sure your hair is fairly straight before you start. Bridal magazines will show you a few chic up-do ideas, but if you are planning the wedding yourself, follow these steps:

An easy beach wedding hairstyle for long hair is an updo. This is a great choice for those who don’t want to wear a bridal tiara. Simply secure the hair piece to your head with a large safety pin. Then pull-up the front of your hair into a loose bun, which you will use to cover your face and collarbone.

For an easy beach wedding hairstyle for short hair, the French twist is a classic choice. To create the look, coil your hair upside down and scrunch it up to form a loose bun on top of your head. The side swept bangs can be secured to the top of the bun for that extra sexy touch. If you don’t have a lot of time to style your hair, try using a small amount of gel to give some volume to your updo. It is also a good idea to spray a little bit of hairspray over the ends to give the appearance of layers.

You could be opting for a hair piece. A hair piece, fall, wig, is a great option. It can be cheaper and easier to manage on your wedding day. Just make sure it is securely attached to your head!

If you want a beach wedding hairstyle with less hair stress, try a hair style that is easy to manage, wind proof, sweat proof, and one that you feel confident that you can just relax and enjoy your wedding day!

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