Whether it’s the warm breezes of the Atlantic Ocean or the gorgeous sunset that frames the Gulf of Mexico, most brides are finding that they can have their cake and eat it too – literally. There are many affordable hotels in Florida that offer beautiful surroundings for a beach wedding, and these hotels are generally located close to the beaches where you’re planning to get married.┬áIf you’re getting married then you’ll want to consider some of the beach wedding trends for this season. The first trend for spring is the wedding at the beach. Many brides are choosing a destination that offers the best backdrop for their wedding ceremony

Here are 6 beach wedding trends for you to consider: Lace. It’s airy and light, which is perfect for the tropical weather in Florida. What better way to tie the knot in the sand? Sunshine and sand – what could be better? Balloons.

The hot summer beach wedding trends of summer are flowers. You can get ready in late May or early June to pick out a bouquet of daisies, sunflowers, day lilies, and other spring-appropriate flowers. A seashell bouquet of white, pink, and purple petals will also look great along with a simple silver frame and a couple of white or yellow carnations. For fall, there are lots of colorful fall flowers including gold, orange, burgundy, and maple leaves, which coordinates beautifully with the fall colors of apples, pumpkins, and cranberries.

The fifth popular trend for summer beach wedding trends is bridesmaid dresses. Beach weddings are informal and casual, and bridesmaid dresses should reflect that. Yet some brides want their bridesmaids to be dressed in the latest styles. In this case, it’s best to go with quality items that come in a wide range of colors and fabrics. To really tie the trend together, choose coordinating color palettes so your bridesmaid dresses to compliment the rest of your wedding party.

The fourth trend for summer beach weddings is shorter lengths. As the temperature drops, many brides opt for shorter dresses. Knee length skirts, floor-length dresses, and even shorts are becoming common place at weddings. You don’t have to break the bank to find beautiful and comfortable shorter length bridal gowns. Whether you prefer A-line or princess-shaped silhouettes, you can find one that works well for your big day. Plus, the cool breezes of a breezy fall day will provide the perfect backdrop to an intimate ceremony.

Finally, another trend that is seeing a lot of play this season is beachy, breezy bridesmaid dresses. This look is especially cute for beach weddings, and bridesmaids will feel comfortable flaunting their pretty dresses. Whether you choose frilly organza, soft moire, vintage lace, or even a romantic mermaid cut, you’ll find many great choices that will make you look your best on your special day.

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