When choosing the best time of year for your beach wedding, you have to take into consideration the beach weather in Florida, even if you live somewhere else and this is a destination wedding. The wedding is going to be a lot more successful if you can anticipate the weather. Florida is a 12-month for a beach wedding destination. However, there is a rainy “season”, where it is also more likely to rain. In June, July, August, and September, it will typically rain in the afternoon. This is why we schedule our summer beach weddings for Sunset, or morning only. 

There are also special times of the year for beach weddings. October through May are great months for beach weddings too. Remember when scheduling your wedding that the clocks change from standard to daylight savings time and your sunset beach wedding could be scheduled for 4 PM!

Many people option for mid-week ceremonies. Mid-week weddings are nice because they don’t have the same problems as lots of people on the beach.  This option also makes for a very flexible schedule, since many couples are happy to be able to do most of their ceremony any time of day. 

Ideal I Do’s offer a variety of options, including casual beach weddings on beautiful white sands, as well as more formal beach weddings with the use of tuxedos and formal seating arrangements. It’s a great option for people who aren’t comfortable wearing tuxedos to a beach wedding, and it will also save them money since their guests will be standing instead of being seated.

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